Advantages of Web Access Management Software

by | Aug 22, 2012 | Internet Marketing

Web access management software is branch of a much broader management space. It is specifically created to control web resources which provide authentication management, audit and reporting services, single sign on convenience, and policy based authorizations. Additionally, they can evaluate the policy against the user identity, if the user passes the policy evaluation they are granted access to the resource, and if they fail they are automatically denied access.

Authentication Management
This type of management software will help in the authentication management which is a process that determines user or application identity, as the technology prompts a password and user name, the software also helps authentication access tokens that are used in generating one-time passwords as well as authenticating digital certificates. It can place policy-based authorization when a user’s identity gets confirmed. The web software is usually made with one or more policies which pop up and display messages such as only allowing internal employees to access this system.

Controlling Sign in Procedures
Web access management software benefits the end user by helping them tie security together, which is a plus for any IT and administrative staff by offering them single sign on. This is a process in which a user logs in once to a single web resource, and is then automatically logged in to all other related web resources. It records initial authentication thus providing the user with cookies that play the role of temporary token authentication to other protected resources, helping users to only log in once in all apps related to it.

Enhanced Support
This type of software provides real time awareness and enhanced decision support abilities for security personnel; it also integrates voice and notification system connections to emergency departments, security personnel with staff, as well as other agencies. It also helps customers identify and list urgency security gaps, plus provides tailored solutions that help users meet their needs. The software leverages existing network infrastructures and integrates physical security as well as safety systems.

Secure Environment
Web access management software transitions your analog to digital, plus integrates IP based systems to significantly enhance operator situational awareness. Designers of these software programs build and install the network, field equipment, operation centers, and train staff to better control the systems. There is the added benefit of intrusion detection and prevention services, as the software enhances performance acceleration which is an important infrastructure that enables multiple layers of security to protect critical web assets.

The web Access Management software of cloudaccess enables organizations to quickly secure web applications. It allow trusted identities to freely and securely interact with systems and to access information.

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