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If you ask a New York banker what business she is in, you would expect her to answer banking. Ask a Houston-area interior decorator the same question, and he will probably respond with interior design or decorating. Talk to a husband and wife vet team in Portland and they will tell you they practice veterinary medicine. However, none of these professionals will tell you that they are in webdesign. You will only get that answer from someone who actually is a webdesigner or whose company specializes in webdesign.

It is interesting to note how many businesses in New York, Houston, Portland and throughout the country attempt to do their own webdesign. Most professionals quickly learn that webdesign involves much more than what it takes to set up a Facebook page. Webdesign requires an extensive planning process that includes utilizing code, images and interactive elements, such as HTML, ASCII, CSS, and Java, to name a few. Often, it is not cost-effective for a company to train an employee in webdesign simply to create an online presence.

Just as business owners often contract out for janitorial services or have a separate CPA, many of them are realizing the advantages of outsourcing their webdesign needs. By contracting with a webdesigncompany, a business gets the benefit of having a professional webdesigner, graphics expert, copywriter, technical expert and so much more without investing in the training, education, and salary requirements that would be necessary to have those same professionals in-house.

If you own a company or are in charge of your company’s marketing, it may be possible to get one of your current employees to take an existing web site template and plug your company’s information into it. However, in the meantime, your competitors will have websites unique to them that invite potential customers into an interactive experience that highlights their products and services.

Whether you are a vet in Portland, a banker in New York, or have a number of businesses in Houston, you owe it to yourself and to your company to contract with a webdesign agency. These companies not only have the technical expertise required to build a website, but also the ability to make your company stand out on the Internet so that potential customers will choose you.

If you would like to hire a reputable Houston web design company, the professionals at MMI offer web design that will build and strengthen your brand, not weaken it. Marion, Montgomery, Inc. (MMI) is a full-service Houston advertising and marketing agency that delivers strategic marketing, branding, advertising, web design, public relations, social media, media planning, interactive/web and event planning. To see our work and client list, or to discuss a quote, visit or call 713.523.7900

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