Important IT Tips for Maintaining High Levels of M&A CyberSecurity

Companies buy one another all the time. These transactions result in a parent company absorbing a subsidiary via acquisition or two or more companies merging together to form a new entity via merger. Entities involved in mergers and acquisitions are more likely to suffer M&A CyberSecurity issues than businesses not involved in these processes.

International Deals Cause Compliance Issues

Obviously, no two countries have the same laws as one another. This applies to consumer privacy protection, too. Regulators are inherently incentivized to enforce their country’s consumer protection laws to improve consumer confidence and maintain high economic output. One of the most important things both parties in mergers and acquisitions should know is to establish an easy-to-understand list of what laws are similar between the two countries involved, which need to be changed, and how they’re going to be changed.

Consolidate Third-Party Service Providers Used for IT

Few companies are capable of performing IT-related services at a high level through in-house. It’s safe to assume that all companies in M&A proceedings use at least several third-party service providers to function normally. Parent companies should remain customers of third-party IT service providers currently used by both the parent and the subsidiary. For all other, non-matching areas of IT service, services should be sought from the list of already-matching service providers.

Having Around-The-Clock IT Infrastructure Support

In the weeks leading up to and following mergers and acquisitions, involved companies should seek out IT infrastructure support services from trusted providers that offer tech support at all hours of the day to appropriately, promptly respond to potential issues before they pose material Business Name threats.

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