Subscriber Billing Software for Cable and Broadband Providers

by | Dec 27, 2011 | Internet Service Providers

Selecting the right subscriber billing software is essential for cable and broadband providers. There are several factors to consider when choosing a billing system for your company. A comprehensive billing system performs many functions in addition to billing, and it gives the provider control of every aspect of the subscriber’s experience.

When searching for internet billing solutions, look for a product that enables cable providers to manage each aspect of their business. Integrated software solutions allow you to manage equipment, customer care, collections, implement more effective inventory management and much more.

Subscriber billing software offers the flexibility to export and import information in ASCII files. This type of software is designed to import data, including charges for telephone, cable and Pay-Per-View services, providing subscribers with one convenient bill.

Versatile software is available in multiple formats to provide a solution that will easily interface with your current subscriber billing system. Cable and broadband providers can choose from multiple formats to find the right software solution for their businesses. In addition, customized interfaces are available to provide seamless integration into your existing system.

Subscriber billing software allows users to export data in order to streamline the billing process. You can use software with an export interface to export information and print detailed statements for each subscriber in your network. This type of software provides a streamlined subscriber billing process that is more efficient and convenient for your subscribers and your company.

When choosing a subscriber billing solution, you want a system that will allow you the flexibility to itemize purchased events or print charges as a single line item. With this type of system, information can be included about the date, time and title of the movie or other Pay-Per-View event to create a tailored solution that fits the unique requirements of each cable service provider.

Billing Software For Cable

Billing Software For Cable

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